Fiber Reinforced 3D Printed Parts
In as Fast as 1 Day

Order strong, production-quality composite parts
made from carbon-fiber reinforced nylon
with or without continuous fiber reinforcement

Carbon Fiber Filled Nylon Base

Print your parts with Markforged Onyx short carbon fiber filled nylon (PA6+CF) as a base material. This resin is strong, tough, chemically resistant, and has a high heat deflection temperature. It can be used alone or with continuous fiber reinforcement.

  • Flexural strength: 71 mPa (10,300 psi)
  • Heat deflection: 145°C (293°F)
  • Izod Impact: 330 J/m (0.16 ft·lb/in2)

Continuous Fiber Reinforcement

Continuous fiber strands can be added to improve the mechanical properties of your parts regarding strength, toughness, and energy absorption. The parts you order can be as strong as 6061-T6 aluminum. We offer carbon, Kevlar and glass continuous fiber options.

Massive Capacity

We operate our own printers in Michigan and are founding members of the DIAMOnD network, giving us direct access to over 300 Markforged printers in the Detroit metro area. Whether you need 1 or 50 parts, we will deliver them fast.