Stereolithography (SLA) Printing Service

Process Details

Printer Type:

Digital Light Processing (DLP) is a variant of Stereolithography (SLA). It uses a digital projector screen to flash an image on a thin layer of photocurable resin layer. The platform on which the part is built repositions itself in the resin tank layer by layer. The 3D Systems™ Figure 4 system we use can print parts in small batches and is ideally suited for same-day prototyping and low volume production jobs.

Visual Aspect: 

DLP produces dense parts with high surface quality, dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances. Uncured resin is not self-supporting. Therefore, support structures must be created and the orientation of the part chosen carefully to minimize vestige marks after support removal.


Bounding Box:

4.9" x 2.8" x 13.6" (124 mm x 70 mm x 346 mm)


  • XY printing resolution .0025" (65 µm)
  • Typical layer thickness .0020" (50 µm)
  • Accuracy:

    +/- .004” (100 µm) for the first inch and +/- .001” for each additional inch (+/- 1 µm/mm). Part geometry, thickness, and orientation can have an effect on tolerances.


    Lead time will be indicated in your instant quote, typically 1 day.


    Product Range: 

    • Our standard prototyping resin is Tough-GRY 15, a tough ABS-like resin which can easily be painted or plated. Tough-GRY 15 offers high strength and stability for short run production of rigid gray parts. With 35% elongation at break, this durable material produces highly accurate components.
    • Other resin choices are possible for volume orders.

    Design Guidelines

    Wall Thickness: 

    Minimum unsupported wall thickness .0236" (0.6 mm)

    Hole dimensions:

    Minimum hole diameter .039" (1 mm)


    Additional design guidelines are available on your customer portal. We provide free DFM feedback on your designs.



    DLP parts are dense and relatively isotropic, with excellent surface finish.

      Target markets:

      Form, fit and function testing, bezels, covers, cases, snap fit assemblies, painted or plated housings

    Recommended Resources

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