Micro Stereolithography (Micro-SLA)

Process Details

Printer Type:

Our microparts are produced on BMF nanoArch™ printers, using PµSL (Projection Micro-Stereolithography) with an optical resolution of .0004" (10µm). These printers combine high resolution and large XY dimensions thanks to their ability to "stitch" several build sequences together and create parts larger than the optical projection area.

Visual Aspect: 

The ultra-high resolution of these printers creates parts with exceptional precision and surface quality.


Bounding Box:

Parts must fit within a bounding box measuring 3.70" x 2.05"x 1.77" (94 mm x 52 mm x 45 mm) in stitching mode.
Parts that measure less than 1.76" x .43" x 1.77" (19.2 mm x 10.8 mm x 45 mm) can be built without stitching which speeds up printing time.


We use a standard XY resolution of .0004" (10μm) with a layer height of .0008" (20μm). Please contact us if you need prints in even higher resolution for special projects.


XY tolerance depends on the printing mode and is between ± .0004" (± 10μm) and ± .0016" (± 40μm). Part geometry, thickness, and orientation can also have an effect on tolerances.


Lead times will be indicated in your instant quote. Typical production time is 2 weeks.


Product Range: 

6 photosensitive resins are available at common levels of tensile and impact strength. The HEK (strong and tough) resin is the most commonly used. The range includes a biocompatible grade.


The BIO resin has been tested for in-vitro cytotoxicity with cell survival rates greater than 75%.

Design Guidelines

Wall Thickness: 

Recommended minimum wall thickness is .0030" (75μm).

Hole dimensions:

Recommended minimum hole diameter is .0047" (120μm)


Additional design guidelines are available after registration. We provide free DFM feedback on your designs.



Micro 3D printing is used to produce precision parts and prototype micro-molding applications. The short printing cycles make micro 3D printing a viable production method for low and medium volume batches.

Target markets:

Precision gears, miniature mechanical components, connectors, microfluidic devices, and any parts that require extreme precision.

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