Micro Metal Laser Sintering (Micro DMLS)

Process Details

Printer Type:

The Power Layering Technology patented by Nanogrande allows assembling extremely thin and densely packed layers of powder particles and sintering them with a precision laser. We use this technology to prototype stainless steel and copper microparts.


Bounding Box:

Currently 3.1" x 3.1" x .4" (80 mm x 80 mm x 10 mm)


Minimum XY feature size 60 µm.
Layer thickness depends on powder particle size; we use 20 µm by default.


Typically 15 days.


Product Range: 

Stainless Steel 316L and copper

Design Guidelines

Wall Thickness: 

We recommend maintaining a wall thickness between .004" (.1 mm) and .04" (1 mm). 


We currently focus on parts with flat aspect ratios.



Micro direct laser metal sintering is an emergent technology providing metal parts with high accuracy and fine resolution. It eliminates the need for tooling to prototype machined or stamped components, saving cost and time.

Target markets:

Medical devices, connectors, miniature components

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