3D Printed True Silicone

Process Details

Printer Type:

For Shore A15 to A60 applications, our silicone parts are printed in Switzerland at Spectroplast on modified SLA printers using the patented SAMT process producing exceptional quality.

Shore A80 parts are printed in the US on DLP printers using Loctite 3D 5015 silicone resin (not 100% silicone).

For parts with dimensions exceeding the capabilities of our silicone printers, we propose silicone castings using 3D printed master patterns.

Visual Aspect: 

SAMT and DLP processes create isotropic parts with a smooth surface finish similar to LSR injection molded parts but with the design freedom of additive manufacturing.

Cast parts are also isotropic and smooth but can display mold parting line marks or trimmed flash.


Bounding Box:

Direct printing: usually 5.1" x 3.0" x 7.1" (130 mm x 75 mm x 180 mm).

Casting: max. mold dim. 29.5" x 25.5" x 21.5" (750 x 650 x 550 mm)


Direct printing: XY resolution is .003" (70 µm), Z axis .004" (100 µm).


Lead times will be indicated in your instant quote, typically 12 days. Expedited manufacturing options are available.


Product Range: 

Spectroplast: 4 standard silicone grades from durometer A15 to A60 (measured to ASTM D2240) with ultimate tensile strengths between 275 psi and 750 psi and elongation at break values ranging from 270% to 1000% (see overview in chart hereunder). Standard color is white translucent.

Loctite 3D 5015 is a Shore A80 resin with 1,210 psi tensile strength and 180% elongation at break.

For castings we use Smooth-On platinum-cured Mold Star and Ecoflex silicones from Shore 00-30 to A30. Other grades are possible.


Spectroplast products meet the requirements of DIN ISO EN 10993-5 for in vitro cytotoxicity and DIN ISO EN 10993-10 for irritation and skin sensitization.
Smooth-On resins are usually certified skin-safe
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Design Guidelines

Wall Thickness: 

Supported >.012" (0.3 mm), Unsupported >.020" (0.5 mm)

Hole dimensions:

Minimum hole diameter .039" (1 mm)


Additional design guidelines are available after registration. We provide free DFM feedback on your designs.



Silicone is biocompatible, chemically inert, antibacterial, self-lubricating, fatigue resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Target markets:

  • Seals, gaskets and plugs
  • Prototyping and low-volume production of small components for medical devices, connectors, consumer and  industrial products
  • Prosthetics, anatomical and medical models, customized wearables and hearables

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