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MJF, SLA & Micro-SLA, Micro-DMLS

WHy work with us for your 3D printing needs?

We help you innovate and launch your products faster

Unique materials and printing resolution levels

Benefit from a unique range of materials and printing resolution levels. Beyond conventional industrial 3D printing processes such as HP MJF, get access to high definition silicone parts or micro-3D printed parts.

Instant quotes and fast DFM feedback

Create an account, review your parts for manufacturability and build a quote in minutes. Order online or share the quote with your purchasing manager for easy order placement following your standard corporate guidelines.

Custom solutions to your specific needs

We offer consulting services to companies looking for additive manufacturing options for unconventional materials and part designs. We also develop mass-customization software solutions.

3D printing for functional prototypes and production parts

Multi Jet Fusion


2-5 day lead time

HP Multi Jet Fusion produces functional parts with low porosity, fine details and excellent mechanical properties. We offer rigid materials (PA12, PA12GB) and flexible TPU on this platform.

3D Printed Silicone

(SAMT, DLP or Casting)

7-15 day lead time

Isotropic silicone parts with a smooth surface finish similar to LSR injection molded parts but with the design freedom of additive manufacturing. From Shore 00-30 to Shore A-85.

Composite Filament Fabrication (CFF)

1-3 day lead time

CFF combines fused filament fabrication and continuous fiber reinforcement to create smooth functional parts that are up to 5X stronger and 20X stiffer than traditionally ABS 3D printed parts.

3D printing for rapid prototyping

Micro Stereolithography


10-14 day lead time

Micro-SLA printing delivers parts with exceptional precision and surface quality at 10µm resolution. This process is well suited for prototyping and production with fast printing cycles. 



10 day lead lead time

The Arburg Freeforming process allows printing functional prototype parts from specific thermoplastic grades without injection molding tool, using a pellet-fed extruder.

Micro Metal Laser Sintering

(Micro DMLS)

15 day lead time

Our 3D printing service for ultra-high resolution metal parts can be used for micro parts or precise mechanical components in stainless steel and copper materials.


We make your life easier

Work with us using the communication method you prefer, through our web portal, email, secure ftp server, or even in person at our easily accessible office if you happen to be in the Detroit MI metro area.

Whatever the size of your project, we will gladly share our technical expertise and propose a solution that fits your needs.

about us

We use our experience to help you succeed

Qualified3D offers 3D printing services to product developers with special requirements regarding base materials and/or resolution levels. Our customers also work with us for low-cost 3D printing of prototype and production parts, using the strength of our manufacturing network to reduce cost.

We are experts in additive manufacturing with a deep understanding of injection molding and CNC machining. We help our customers discover new ways to manufacture their parts, especially when looking for fast and cost-effective alternatives to injection molding.

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